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Fireworks Lamp 5050 30LEDs 50cm RGBIC DC5V Pixel LED Strip 13 channels IP20

Fireworks Lamp 5050 30LEDs 50cm RGBIC DC5V Pixel LED Strip 13 channels IP20

The 5050 fireworks lamp pixel LED strip is full color LED for sky at night decoration.

  • Fireworks lamp is built IC into LED - you can see the LED only, that is beautiful and easy to clean
  • Customized quantity of LED, length and IP rating - customize your idea
  • Dream color changing and more than 3000 modes - every night is different
  • High brightness LEDs - building full atmosphere
  • Comes with controller - save your time
  • Simple and good quality anti-static bag - save freight and environmental protection
  • Waterproof customized - IP65


Model: FCL-5050RGBIC-30-50-2812
Lamp Body Material: Copper
LED Quantiy: 30LED/M
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 100W
Luminous Flux: 2000MCD
IP Rating: IP20
Packaging: 50cm*12pcs + 150cm*1pc + Bluetooth controller
Weight: 0.3KG/bag

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Quick Guides

Choosing the right LED lamp

  1. The are some single colors of lamp like white, wamr withe or red etc. Also RGB and RGBIC color digital LED.
  2. The voltage of LED lamp is DC 5V, 12V and 24V or AC 85-220V. The DC 5V -24V need a transfor- power supply or control for driving the LED lamps.
  3. Most of LED lamps for desk, corner decoration, and some LED lamps for gaming, party and room decoration.

The way to power the LED lamp

1. Most of LED lamps can be powered by the power supply, you'll need to install a driver to provide stable voltage and current.
2. The RGB and RGBIC need a controller for control the color changing, or mobile APP control. (The single color is available with a dimmer/mini controller if you want to adjust the brightness or simple modes)
3. Also some customers to power the light by USB or car connector, battery and solar panel and so on.

4. The new design LED lamps is built batteries only recharge it do not need a power supply.


LED lamps for desk, corner, gaming, party and room atmosphere

led lamp for corner

LED lamps for corner

Fix RGBIC floor lamps on corner, be controlled by voice or music, improve fun.

led lamps for table

LED lamps on table

Put the LED lamp on table and adjust the color by phone, east to switch working to amusement.

Full color led light for gaming

LED lamps for gaming

DIY LED lamps for a playroom, to explore lighting and enjoy the game.

Wall lamps for room

LED lamps for room

LED lamps be fixed on wall, discover happiness immediately.