Welcome to Fullcolorled

We started production and business in domestic market since 2011.

Our team is from predecessor company which is a factory making LEDs. For develop business, we had founded the new company in 2015, to produce full color LED lights for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Over the past 8 years, we increased production lines, learned low cost chain, more methods of shipment and the experience of international sales.

Today, we have reached research & development, production, sales and service in one and became the international high-tech company.



Creating cheap and value

The factory is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. More than 3500㎡ factory area, 10 production lines and 8 machines.

Factory supplying, low cost and high value. We make LED lights in different sizes and colors, high brightness and long lifespan. Non waterproof IP20 or waterproof IP65, IP67 and IP68.

All accessories include smart LED controllers like voice control, Bluetooth and WIFI/APP controller, the USB/ batteries/ solar panel powered and adapters are available. 



Productivity and quality

Since the development of machine, we went into the new production period.

Some processes were replaced by machines so our workers will focus on checking raw materials, adjusting machine, testing semi-finished product and quality control for finished product.

The LED lights will accept our 6 times testing during the production. More than 12 hours burn-in test, make sure the product is good and no one LED is dead.



Fullcolorled idea

Make your life colorful!

Years ago, some customers from Mid-end market, they said there is no a good plan to purchase smart LED lights because the price is high and no more choice at that moment.

Generally, they order some single color LED strips for lighting project. Then we realized that they are interested in smart LED lights, so we decided to open a way to provide full color LED light with smart controller and bring the lights to everyone all over the world! 

  • Step 1

    Stick LEDs by SMT machine

  • Step 2

    Solder the PCB board and wires

  • Step 3

    Test the LEDs and keep everything is good

  • Step 4

    Roll a strip on the reel

  • Half-lighting

    The single color LED strip for indoor lighting, show the bias lighting.

  • Colorful home

    RGB LED strip light for home, you can adjust the color as your wish.

  • Full color LED backlight

    The full color LED backlight for wall, TV and playroom.

  • Dotless LED strip

    The COB LED strip for any place, show high brightness and dotless.

  • 360 degree neon light

    The 360 degree LED neon light for indoor and outdoor decoration.

  • LED light for plants

    The LED grow light in customized color for different application.

Custom your LED strip light

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